Tilanka Munasinghe

PhD candidate | digital consultant | sport tragic

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Michael Chmielewski

Front end engineering manager at Deloitte Digital, bicycle enthusiast, basketball fan, husband & father bio from Twitter

Angus Croll

super-fantastique bio from Twitter

Mark Dalgleish

🦄 CSS Modules co-creator, @MelbJS organiser. Full-stack ECMAScript addict, interaction design enthusiast, coffee drinker ☕ DesignOps Lead at @seekjobs 🍦🇦🇺✌️ bio from Twitter

Markus Giesen

Agile Consultant, Solution Architect, Entrepreneur, Part time nerd http://blog.markusgiesen.de bio from Twitter

Hadi Michael

Digital Adviser and Software Engineer. Occasional hardware hacker.

Con Huynh

owner/partner - @blue7designs . front end dev - @DeloitteDIGI_AU bio from Twitter


An open source development framework for building fast, easy mobile apps using the web technologies you know and love: HTML, CSS and Javascript. bio from Twitter

A Googler

News and updates from Google bio from Twitter

Damian Keeghan

Senior Front End Developer and UX Guy for Deloitte's online practice. Android enthusiast and creator of http://TweetViz.com and http://YamViz.com bio from Twitter

Web Directions

Truly great conferences and workshops for the web industry. bio from Twitter

Brad Frost

I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Married to the lovely @minifrost and @ziggyfrost is my dog. bio from Twitter

Keegan Street

I love building things, especially front end web things. Opinions expressed here are generally incorrect. bio from Twitter


Drupal and javascript developer… Obsessed with food and travel. bio from Twitter

Mike Seyfang

Old git bio from Twitter

Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

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Tanya Monro

Director, IPAS, University of Adelaide, Australia & Australian of the Year (SA) 2011 bio from Twitter


Always have your stuff, wherever you are. bio from Twitter

Pete Williams

I am CEO of Deloitte Digital and I am also heavily involved in Deloitte's Innovation program, before that I was CEO of Eclipse, a large Web Dev company bio from Twitter

Uni of Adelaide

Official Twitter profile of the University of Adelaide. Tweets about what's happening and answering your questions about uni. bio from Twitter

Lawrence Krauss

Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author, Science Literacy Advocate, bio from Twitter