Tim Bunce

Author of Perl DBI and Devel::NYTProf modules. Former Perl pumpkin, many moons ago.

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  1. YAPC::NA 2015

    United States United States, Salt Lake City

    8th10th June 2015

    Tim Bunce attended

  2. YAPC::NA 2014

    United States United States, Orlando

    23rd25th June 2014

    Tim Bunce spoke

  3. YAPC::NA 2013

    United States United States, Austin

    1st7th June 2013

    Tim Bunce spoke

  4. Skycon 2012

    Ireland Ireland, Limerick

    6th7th October 2012

    Tim Bunce spoke

  5. YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2012

    Japan Japan, Tokyo

    27th29th September 2012

    Tim Bunce spoke

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