Tim Duckett

Designs things, runs projects, builds iOS apps, writes books for Apress. Hits all the right keys, just not necessarily in ... See full bio

Karlsruhe in Germany

Spoken at 6 events in 2 countries

Spoke at 6 past events

  1. iOScon 2014

    England England, London

    15th16th May 2014

    Tim Duckett spoke

  2. iOSDevUK 2013

    Wales Wales, Aberystwyth

    3rd5th September 2013

    Tim Duckett spoke

  3. NSManchester

    England England, Manchester

    28th August 2013

    Tim Duckett was involved spoke

  4. Geekup Doncaster 7

    England England, Doncaster

    27th April 2011

    Tim Duckett spoke

  5. Psychology of Programming Interest Group Work-in-Progress meeting 2011

    England England, Sheffield

    18th19th April 2011

    Tim Duckett spoke

  6. Interesting North

    England England, Sheffield

    13th November 2010

    Tim Duckett was involved Head Honcho Organiser spoke

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