Tomasz Jaskuλa

F#, Machine Learning and DDD lover and practitioner. Paris F# and DDDesign user group organizer. Guitar player the rest of the time

Software craftsman, founder and organizer of Paris user groups for F# and Domain Driven Design I'm mainly focused on creating ... See full bio


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  1. Devoxx Poland 2015

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    22nd24th June 2015

    Tomasz Jaskuλa spoke

  2. NCRAFTS France 2015

    France France, Paris

    20th22nd May 2015

    Tomasz Jaskuλa spoke

  3. Devoxx France 2015

    France France, Paris

    8th10th April 2015

    Tomasz Jaskuλa spoke

  4. Lambda Days 2015

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    26th27th February 2015

    Tomasz Jaskuλa spoke

  5. Build Stuff

    Lithuania Lithuania, Vilnius

    19th23rd November 2014

    Tomasz Jaskuλa attended

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