Tomasz Jaskuλa

F#, Machine Learning and DDD lover and practitioner. Paris F# and DDDesign user group organizer. Guitar player the rest of the time

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Software craftsman, founder and organizer of Paris user groups for F# and Domain Driven Design I'm mainly focused on creating software delivering true business value which aligns with the business strategic initiatives and bears solutions with clearly identifiable competitive advantage.

I worked for many companies in SIRH, e-commerce and financial fields and I have a great experience in solving theirs real problems since more than 13 years.

I'm currently working for a big French bank for the Forex financial field building reactive applications in F# and C#. In the free time I run my startup project on applying machine learning with F# to recruitement field, speaking in conferences and user groups, writing blogs and articles in a French magazine for coders "Programmez !".


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