Amit Kumar

IT Architect @ McKinsey & Co

Amit Kumar has more than 10 years of experience in software industry with focus on developing scalable software solutions. He ... See full bio

Mumbai in India

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  1. JSChannel Conference 2014

    India India, Bangalore

    18th19th July 2014

    Amit Kumar was involved JS Enthusiast and JSChannel Core member

    One of the nest JS Conference woldwide

  2. RubyConf Australia 2014

    Australia Australia, North Sydney

    19th21st February 2014

    Amit Kumar attended

  3. Garden City RubyConf 2014

    India India, Bangalore

    3rd4th January 2014

    Amit Kumar attended

  4. JSChannel Conference Bengaluru

    India India, Bangalore

    16th November 2013

    Amit Kumar was involved spoke

    I am running this conference and all events of JSChannel !

  5. JSChannel Conference Delhi

    India India, New Delhi

    7th September 2013

    Amit Kumar was involved

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