Tomas Lin

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Tomas is a senior software engineer for for Netflix's Delivery Engineering Team. He and his team are building Spinnaker, the ... See full bio

San Jose in United States

Spoken at 5 events in 3 countries

Tomas Lin recently attended

  1. Devoxx US 2017

    United States United States, San Jose

    21st23rd March 2017

    Tomas Lin spoke

  2. Groovy & Grails eXchange 2013

    England England, London

    12th13th December 2013

    Tomas Lin spoke

  3. SpringOne 2GX 2013

    United States United States, Santa Clara

    9th12th September 2013

    Tomas Lin attended

  4. Groovy & Grails eXchange 2012

    England England, London

    13th14th December 2012

    Tomas Lin attended

  5. Spring I/O 2012

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    16th17th February 2012

    Tomas Lin spoke

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