Tom Bujok

java developer, open source software enthusiast

Software Engineer @ Hazelcast. For the last couple of years Tom has been working on numerous assignments fulfilling a range ... See full bio

Spoken at 26 events in 10 countries

Tom Bujok recently attended

  1. JavaZone 2016

    Norway Norway, Oslo

    7th8th September 2016

    Tom Bujok spoke

  2. Devoxx Poland 2016

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    22nd24th June 2016

    Tom Bujok spoke

  3. Jfokus 2016

    Sweden Sweden, Stockholm

    8th10th February 2016

    Tom Bujok spoke

  4. geecon Prague 2015

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    22nd23rd October 2015

    Tom Bujok spoke

  5. Devoxx Poland 2015

    Poland Poland, Krakow

    22nd24th June 2015

    Tom Bujok spoke

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