Manuel Schulz

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Kirby is a file-based CMS with a beautiful web interface – easy to setup, easy to use, flexible as hell. bio from Twitter

Sara Soueidan 🐦

Freelance front-end Web developer & speaker. CSS, SVG, UI/X, a11y, JS. Always learning. net Developer of the Year 2015. Available for hire. bio from Twitter

Bastian Allgeier

designer+developer, creator of http://getkirby.com bio from Twitter

Shannon Prior

Mozilla Communications, San Francisco Resident, Chico State Alum bio from Twitter

Sven Wolfermann | maddesigns

Frontend-Dev mit Webstandards, CSS3 & HTML5. #Sass & #Compass lover und Certified #TYPO3 Integrator. Responsive Webdesign #RWD und Web Performance.

Marc Kalmes

I'm right here at the internet bio from Twitter

WebTech Conference

Alle Informationen rund um Webtechnologien


The world's music collection. Play, discover and share for free. bio from Twitter

Dirk Ginader

New Daddy | New at Google | Webdev | Accessibility | Javascript | floating Head | Photography Newbie | happy chap | lover of lunch breaks :-)

Jens Ohlig

My heart is a Turing machine. I do things with software, communication, and strategy at @WikimediaDE, but views are my own. Profile pic CC BY-SA @abta78 bio from Twitter

Nicolai Schwarz ☻

Design. Webentwicklung. #Drupal. Projektleiter bei @screengui_de. Redakteur bei @webkrauts. Autor. Dozent. Selbstständig. Aus Dortmund. Impressum: textformer.de bio from Twitter

David Walsh

MooTools & jQuery Consultant, MooTools Core Developer, Javascript Fanatic, CSS Tinkerer, PHP Hacker, and web lover. bio from Twitter

Justin Avery, and 234,876 people

RWD on http://rwd.is. Design & produce premium pocket notebooks http://backpocket.co, web performance engineer at https://simplethin.gs bio from Twitter

Paul Irish

I want the web to win • Chrome dev relations • currently fascinated with front-end tooling and browser devtools • big fan of sorbet, research and whimsy

Filip Noetzel

I have an irrational fear of rebooting. bio from Twitter


The most popular Forum App on mobile. bio from Twitter

Dirk Jesse

Developer of the CSS framework YAML and the prototyping tool Thinkin' Tags. I am a civil engineer, editor, frontend developer, photographer and proud Webkraut bio from Twitter