Terrence Ryan

Developer Advocate for Google. The author of Driving Technical Change. Originally from Philly and it shows.

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 132 events in 19 countries

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Peter Bourgon

Distributed systems. Software that serves the purpose.

Meri Williams

Geek, Manager, CTO, Author, Speaker.

joe larson

web dev, father, husband, reader, musician, t-rex bio from Twitter

Jen Savage

I am a professional software developer. I like infosec, gadgets, Bikram yoga, and my awesomesauce job at Tabbedout! Yes, my opinions are my own. bio from Twitter

Ryan Hoover

Co-Creator of @ProductHunt. EIR at @Tradecraft. Creator of @StartupEdition. Former Director, Product at @PlayHaven. bio from Twitter

Tom McLaughlin

Community Engineer @CloudZeroInc / #DevOps / #serverless / Food / #Mustang / #GrandNational / Tweets reflect views of YOUR employer / 1x engineer. bio from Twitter

Chris Sevilleja

Founder/writer/console.logger @scotch_io. slapping the keyboard until good things happen bio from Twitter

Elon James White

Creator of the award winning projects This @WeekInBlackness - http://twib.me and @BlackingItUp! (Listen Live Monday - Thursday) http://twib.me/live bio from Twitter

Kathryn McElroy

Design Lead for IBM Watson. Maker, photographer, Etsy seller, corgi owner, artist, baker, & green smoothie enthusiast. Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Melissa Perri

Lean Product Manager and UX Designer. Consulting on Process, Product Dev, and UX. Speaker. @GA Teacher. @Techpeaks alum. Instigator of presentation cats.

Alicia V Carr

CEO/Founder Purple Evolution, Inc. (@pevoapp), Director of WWCODE Atlanta Chapter (@WWCAtl), iOS Mobile Developer, Living my dream following my passion. bio from Twitter

Tess Ferrandez

.net developer (asp.net, windows phone, xna, kinect sdk), pool player and mother of one bio from Twitter

Jennifer Wadella

Force of nature. Software Engineer. #nastyAF Foodie. #kcnative. Furbaby momma. Mastermind behind @KCWomeninTech @CoderDojoKC @CodeCocktailsKC @CodeCupcakesKC

Jeanne Boyarsky

Java developer and blogger

Kathleen Vignos

Director of Engineering at WIRED

Joe Steinbring👨🏻‍💻

I make things using #laravel, #cfml, #javascript, and 📸. I am interested in #infosec, #movies, and 🎶. I like computers with bash. bio from Twitter

Brad Martin

Software Developer focused on developing apps for Android & iOS, father, husband, and all around swell guy. @eggheadio @nativescript #telerikdevexpert bio from Twitter

Dave Voyles

Video game & web person at @Microsoft. Tech Evangelist. | WebGL, Xbox, GPUs, Startups, Game Dev, ML, Sega CD, & @MSFTReactorPHL bio from Twitter

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Michael Prentice

Google Developer Expert in #Angular, Consultant, OSS contributor, @gdgspacecoast organizer, #Firebase & #GCP expert, and Android enthusiast.

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