Terrence Ryan

Developer Advocate for Google. The author of Driving Technical Change. Originally from Philly and it shows.

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 124 events in 16 countries

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Doug Stevenson 🔥

Google Developer Advocate. Talk show host. Wordsmith. Ask me about @Firebase! bio from Twitter

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Sandeep Singh Jakhar

Engineering Student, Programmer, Web Developer, Blogger..!! bio from Twitter

Kars Veling

Founder Q42, Software Engineering, Windsurfing, Kids, Wife, Cooking, Italy, Spain bio from Twitter

Lucas Käldström

Kubernetes maintainer, interested in emerging technologies, maths and football. Really loves open source and the possiblilities it opens. bio from Twitter

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COO Sfeir - Developpeur Java bio from Twitter

Peggy Li

tweeter of my own views. retweeter of ideas worth spreading. bio from Twitter

Lady Retweetsalot

apprentice @codurance | feminist | bi | poly | always changing | busy bee | ❤ singing, TVshows, sharing & caring. Pronouns: sie/she/they ||| DE? ➡ @singsalad_de bio from Twitter

Andrew Jessup

I actually dance rather badly. bio from Twitter

Kristjan Wager

IT Consultant at NineConsult. Skeptic and science blogger. Atheist, feminist, and progressive. bio from Twitter

marcel corso

web dev @ shuffler.fm 音乐 ㅎㅎ bio from Twitter

Carmen Andoh

I can do many things, but most needed in software right now. Infrastructure @travisci ✯ @womenwhogo_nyc ✯ @ladieswholinux #momops bio from Twitter

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Nadav Cohen

Developer Productivity @ Netflix bio from Twitter

Michael Hrivnak

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, team lead for Pulp Project bio from Twitter

Andrew Hately

Day job @IBM CTO Cloud Performance in Silicon Valley... Sports enthusiast, tropical weather seeker, father and patron of engineering art bio from Twitter

Jack Skinner

@MYOBapi Evangelist, @sydphp organiser & #phunconf convener. ZF2CA. Tech event junkie. Sometimes I write code


Developer Advocate for Google+. Improving life through science and art. bio from Twitter


Graffiti & Street Art Enthusiast, IT Architect, Logophile and Rider of Bikes bio from Twitter

Steve Purkiss

Free Software, Free Society! bio from Twitter


PM and Support Manager. Drupal guy. Bass player. Data miner. 器用貧乏. bio from Twitter