Terrence Ryan

Developer Advocate for Google. The author of Driving Technical Change. Originally from Philly and it shows.

San Francisco in United States

Spoken at 126 events in 16 countries

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Lars Trieloff

Director Platform Marketing at Adobe

Sasha Aickin

CTO @ Redfin. (Former?) documentary filmmaker. Avid cook/book club hoster. bio from Twitter

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ReactEurope 2017

France France, Paris

18th19th May 2017

Heather VanCura

Community Builder, Connector, Java Connoisseur (for JCP tweets see @jcp_org); Women & Girls in Tech, Open Source, Fitness, Fashion, Fun. bio from Twitter

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Tammy Butow

SRE Manager, Dropbox ☁️ Databases, chaos engineering, automation, Go & Linux

Jérôme Petazzoni

I have four words for you: containers, containers, containers, containers. All opinions expressed here are my own. jerome at docker dot com. bio from Twitter

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Luke Stokes

Co-founder and developer of FoxyCart.com. Father. Husband. Passionate about living life on purpose. bio from Twitter

Martin Smith

Rackspace Hosting

Danny G

Web Developer, JavaScript lover, foodie fiend, super social, all around tech guy with emotions and feelings like a real person! http://buzzedword.mtamo.com/ bio from Twitter

Rebecca Slatkin

Food-oriented iOS Applications Developer @UniversalMind. I never met a mozzarella stick I didn't like. bio from Twitter

Jesse Keating

OpenStack Engineer at Blue Box

amy nguyen

monitoring/infra @pinterest | intersectional feminism, tech, writing, philosophy, vegetarianism, and cats. she/her! bio from Twitter

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Daniel Cukier

Geek eXtreme Programmer and Software Developer. Love Technology, Arts and Human Consciousness (meditation), write some poetry, study theater and play the guitar bio from Twitter

Monica Sarbu

CEO at @packetbeat bio from Twitter

Nils Hitze

Gentleman Nerd, Father of seven, married to @souffleurlos, 3dPrinting Ninja, Evangelist for rent, mostly tweeting in german bio from Twitter


Ruby hacker and Cocoa developer. Co-Founder of @nxtbgthng. bio from Twitter

Patrik Karisch

Symfony enthusiast • PHP backend guru @ pixelart.at • Linux lover • µC hacker

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Jan Ole Suhr

Mobile Entrepreneur since 1999, Creator of @GravityApp, the leading Social Networking Client for Nokia / Symbian, Lonesome Cowboy Coder, Founder of @mobileways.

Daniel Westheide

Software maker. Scala / Clojure / Ruby. Enthusiastic pen & paper roleplaying gamer. bio from Twitter

Moritz Heiber

Master of disaster, ruby enthusiast, lover of all things music, movies and theater bio from Twitter

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