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Peter J. Jones

Open Source enthusiast. Lover of functional programming. An all-around nerd who likes to wear bow ties. Author of Effective Ruby.

Mark Harrison

Beer, Python, @OmniTI Sysadmin bio from Twitter

Stephen Diehl

I am Stephen a Pythonista, Haskeller, and coffee addict. bio from Twitter

Whisker Labs

We are a technology company developing sensing and software technology delivering home intelligence, energy savings, and peace of mind. We’ll be at CES! bio from Twitter

Luca Guidi

Developer, music connisseur and avid tea lover. Creator of Redis Store & Lotus: a complete web framework for Ruby. http://lotusrb.org.I work at @litmusapp.

Jessica Dillon


data Matt where

haskell/biking/sleeping bio from Twitter

Brian McKenna

Talk to me about programming languages. Working on big data for @richrelevance. Working on @roylangjs for myself. The parrot is real. λ→ bio from Twitter

ACLU National

The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest org devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America. Links: http://bit.ly/pages/privacy bio from Twitter

Brennan Dunn

Agency owner and bootstrapper. Join 32k+ freelance consultants: http://doubleyourfreelancing.com bio from Twitter

Julia Evans

Mostly python & data science & organizing @MtlGirlHackers. @hackerschool alum. bio from Twitter

Carmen Andoh

I do many things, but most needed in software right now. Infrastructure Engineer @travisci ✯ @womenwhogo_nyc ✯ @ladieswholinux ✯ #momops bio from Twitter

Sarah Sharp

Linux kernel hacker, bicyclist, gardener, and geek. bio from Twitter

Elizabeth Uselton

Software Engineer @EnergySavvy | @adaacademy cohort[0] alumna | Left-handed Supremacist | Unliscensed Private Eye bio from Twitter


I teach and code and celebrate. If you ever need help with any of those, let me know. I live and work in Seattle and am a world-class hugger. He/His, pls. bio from Twitter

Brenna Flood

Test-focused DevOps, knitter, culinary experimenter, runner, MtG fan, conference organizer. Lawful good. Wants to start a Freddie Mercury cover band named King.

Ruby on Ales

Ruby on Ales is a two day single track Ruby conference in Oregon. bio from Twitter

Peter Hellberg

Ruby and Go developer, Mac convert, Linux aficionado and Boulder climber. app.netizen — Photo projects: http://500px.com/peterhellberg and http://black-white-city.tumblr.com bio from Twitter


Ruby, Rails, Ember dev. Engineer at @GA . Former founder of @Neighborsations. Lover of baby animals (but only in pictures) and exciting new ideas. bio from Twitter

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