Andrew Betts

Devrel for @fastly. Also @w3ctag, @polyfillio. Still love the @FT. Once described as "not entirely wrong" by @slightlylate

London in England

Spoken at 61 events in 15 countries

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Ben Vinegar

Front-end engineer @getsentry, co-author of Third-party JavaScript.

Hui Jing Chen

Web designer, developer, speaker and writer bio from LinkedIn

Lucy Kellaway

Financial Times columnist bio from Twitter


@W3C Technical Architecture Group featuring @bcrypt @littlecalculist @mnot @slightlylate @travisleithead @wz43rtx @torgo @plinss & @timberners_lee. bio from Twitter

Artur Bergman

CEO of Fastly, hates slow things, temporarily not nomadic. bio from Twitter

Sangwhan Moon

My work in a single sentence: Crunch a lot of numbers to find clothes. https://oddconcepts.io bio from Twitter

Peter O'Shaughnessy

Developer relations @samsunginternet 📱🌍 Advocate for Progressive Web Apps, Physical Web, Web Payments, WebVR and the potential for the future of the Web 🙌

K Chan

Front-end Developer @Grayscale / Web Designer / Digital Linguist / Translator / #DFTBA bio from Twitter

Marcos Caceres

W3C spec writer, JS fanboy. Platform Engineer at Mozilla.

Randy Shoup

CTO at KIXEYE; former Dir Google App Engine, eBay Chief Engineer

jane pong

Lifelong learner. Previously @ReutersGraphics, @scmp_news. Co-organiser @HacksHackersHK. bio from Twitter

John Burn-Murdoch

Data journalist at @FinancialTimes. Visiting #ddj lecturer @cityjournalism. Opinion Panel Prize 2012 bio from Twitter

Elaine Greenberg

@fastly community manager. @Wellesley alum. Shiny thing enthusiast. Dog coveter.

Full Fact

Full Fact is an independent, non-partisan factchecking organisation. Support our work: http://fullfact.org/donate bio from Twitter

Cait O'Riordan

Head of Product for Sport and 2012 at the BBC. Never sang with the Pogues. These are my views, not my employer's ... bio from Twitter

Microsoft Edge Dev

Official news and updates from the Microsoft Web Platform team on #MicrosoftEdge and #InternetExplorer bio from Twitter

Crystal Hirschorn

Senior Web Developer at BBC News, expat-Yank from cowboy land. Turning terribly English. Javascript is My Jam. bio from Twitter