Andrea Tomasini

I am an Agile Coach (CSC) and Trainer (CST), a linchpin, an opinion maker, a follower, a leader and also a very lovely companion :-)

Andrea Tomasini is the founder of agile42 GmbH and one of the 20+ Certified Scrum Coaches in the world. He ... See full bio

Berlin in Germany

Spoken at 33 events in 10 countries

Andrea Tomasini recently attended


    Austria Austria, Vienna

    18th May 2017

    Andrea Tomasini spoke

  2. Global Scrum Gathering Munich 2016

    Germany Germany, Munich

    17th19th October 2016

    Andrea Tomasini was involved Coaches' Clinic Facilitator spoke

  3. solutions.hamburg

    Germany Germany, Hamburg

    7th9th September 2016

    Andrea Tomasini spoke

  4. QED2016

    Croatia Croatia, Zadar

    8th10th May 2016

    Andrea Tomasini spoke

  5. Global Scrum Gathering Orlando 2016

    United States United States, Orlando

    18th20th April 2016

    Andrea Tomasini spoke

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