Austin Knight

Senior UX Designer at HubSpot

Austin Knight is a Senior UX Designer, speaker, and author based out of Boston and Rio de Janeiro. He currently ... See full bio

Boston in United States

Spoken at 25 events in 9 countries

Austin Knight recently attended

  1. Pixel Up!

    South Africa South Africa, Cape Town

    8th10th May 2017

    Austin Knight spoke

  2. Booster 2017

    Norway Norway, Bergen

    15th17th March 2017

    Austin Knight spoke

  3. UXistanbul 2017

    Turkey Turkey, Istanbul

    21st February 2017

    Austin Knight spoke

  4. UX Night at HUG Santiago

    Chile Chile, Santiago

    6th December 2016

    Austin Knight spoke

  5. Internet Summit

    United States United States, Raleigh

    16th17th November 2016

    Austin Knight spoke

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