Vincent Keunen

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur. I live in Belgium, on earth and in cyberspace. I'm Manex CEO and Lampiris CIO. I seek balance in life.

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  1. Hacker Beach 2016

    Ecuador Ecuador, Canoa

    1st31st January 2016

    Vincent Keunen tracked

  2. Chaos Communication Camp 2015

    Germany Germany

    13th17th August 2015

    Vincent Keunen tracked

  3. Hacker Beach, Episode 3

    Dominica Dominica, Portsmouth

    1st31st January 2015

    Vincent Keunen tracked

  4. OpenERP Community Days

    Belgium Belgium

    4th6th June 2014

    Vincent Keunen tracked

  5. ApacheCon Denver

    United States United States, Denver

    7th11th April 2014

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