Vincent V.d. Kussen

Linux System Engineer @ connective.eu / Father / Open Source Enthousiast / Cloud Infrastructure / Virtualization / Deployments / MTB /Doer of things and stuff

Spoken at 1 event in 1 country

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Work: @Inuits // loves sys-ops-devs alike bio from Twitter

James (purpleidea)

i liked the default egg profile photo, but @ginaressler suggested i change it. i'm a sysadmin, devops/puppet hacker, i.t./network architect and physiologist. hi

Jan Collijs

Linux & Open-Source enthousiast - Scouting - Longboarding bio from Twitter


Inuit, Open Source Enthusiast, Self Proclaimed Senior Junior Sysadmin, Everything is a F****** IPSec problem bio from Twitter

Mark Phillips

I work for @ansible Europe. Personal Blog: http://probably.co.uk

Lee Van Steerthem

Linux Infrastructure Coordinator at Collibra - Interested with everything open-source and devops (tools and culture) bio from Twitter

Jeff Waugh

Software Freedom, Open Source, Denby, WordPress, GNOME, Ubuntu, scooters, politics, wonks, puppies, and Bulletproof Networks. bio from Twitter

Kelsey Hightower

Containers. Kubernetes. Golang bio from Twitter

Jérôme Petazzoni

I have four words for you: containers, containers, containers, containers. All opinions expressed here are my own. jerome at docker dot com. bio from Twitter

Erika Heidi Reinaldo

developer && open source enthusiast. bio from Twitter


T-DOSE is a free and yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software. bio from Twitter


SoftLayer provides on-demand IT infrastructure, dedicated servers and cloud resources. ≡ Current Specials: http://sftlyr.com/deals. Our motto: Innovate or Die. bio from Twitter

Anna Shipman

Software developer interested in software craftsmanship, HTML5, development methodology, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, clean code and CSS. And snooker. bio from Twitter


Official Twitter Account for Ubuntu bio from Twitter

Carl Quinn

Programmer Guy, Java Posse member. I like Java, Scala, Groovy, tools, CI and clouds. Real, public IAAS clouds that run real operating systems like Linux. bio from Twitter

Alex Polvi

Good with computers. Full-time Racker. Part-time Hacker. Previously CEO/co-founder of Cloudkick. bio from Twitter


Chief Architect at Gazzang, delivering data security and encryption for the cloud around eCryptfs, and Core Developer of the Ubuntu Server bio from Twitter

Jesse Keating

OpenStack Engineer at Blue Box

Armin Ronacher

Games, Open Source, Web & Networking, Speaker. Raw, unfiltered — Keep in mind when quoting. Working for @fireteamltd. bio from Twitter