Val Head

Author of Designing Interface Animation 📕 http://designinginterfaceanimation.com • Design advocate at @Adobe 🎈 • Curates http://uianimationnewsletter.com ✉️

Philadelphia in United States

Spoken at 74 events in 12 countries

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I love web development (C#, .NET, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML), am currently a Program Manager at Microsoft. All opinions and views are my own. bio from Twitter

Jon Kuperman

javascript horologist, (barely) functional programmer @twitter bio from Twitter

Sara Vieira

Front-End Developer , Blogger , Drummer and TV Show Addict

Martin Splitt

Bits, Bytes and Rock'n'Roll! Pushing the web forward at Archilogic and open source advocate.

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Monica Dinculescu

✨Emojineer✨ on @polymer & @googlechrome. Looks like she will bite; usually doesn't. Unless you're pizza.

Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Interdisciplinary Consultant Specialising in Digital Media and the Japanese Market

Fronteers Conference

Fronteers will be back in 2014!

Luba Elliott

Cambridge graduate, design thinker and project manager. At the intersection of arts, technology and entrepreneurship @SWArtLondon bio from Twitter

Sam Lavigne

I make games, like SFZero, Journey to the End of the Night, and Super Going bio from Twitter

Andrew Shorten

Group Product Manager, Developer Tools, Adobe bio from Twitter

Laura Summers

♡ 4 cats, dance & digital. (Ideally, cat dancing videos on youtube). UX+FED at @clover_au. Talk tech on @byteintoit. bio from Twitter

Demian Borba

Developer Advocate at Braintree/PayPal focused on Web Technologies and UX, Surfer, Design Thinker and father.


Interaction designer & strategist studying psychology. Studio co-owner at the @TheGeekettez. Keen on HCI, AI & Machine Ethics. Passed the turing test. bio from Twitter

Xavier Cazalot

🎩 I build system & interfaces powered by #react & #graphql. 🎨 exploring creative coding with #svg. 🛠 mechanical engineering background bio from Twitter

Alla Kholmatova

Interaction designer at @FutureLearn. Always in the mood to talk about design systems. bio from Twitter

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Jan Jursa

MOBX Conference / Europe’s Premier Mobile UX Summit http://mobxcon.com bio from Twitter

Jon Gold

Design & Code at Makeshift

François Chollet

Machine learning architect at PaperG. On a quest to solve intelligence.

Daily tous les jours

Design studio with a focus on participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. We create collective experiences. bio from Twitter

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