Simone Carletti

Passionate programmer, PADI Master Instructor, Sommelier. I work at @dnsimple. I'm also @robowhois, @robodomain.

Simone Carletti is a software developer. He's very passionate about code quality and best practices. He has been involved with ... See full bio

Rome in Italy

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  1. BetterSoftware 2014

    Italy Italy, Florence

    13th14th October 2014

    Simone Carletti spoke

  2. EuRuKo 2013

    Greece Greece, Athens

    28th29th June 2013

    Simone Carletti attended

  3. Italian RubyDay 2013

    Italy Italy, Milan

    14th June 2013

    Simone Carletti attended

  4. RubyConf 2012

    United States United States, Denver

    1st3rd November 2012

    Simone Carletti attended

  5. Ruby Lugdunum 2012

    France France, Lyon

    22nd23rd June 2012

    Simone Carletti attended

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