Christopher Skene

Drupal, linked data, digital experience, information design, UX, online strategy for PreviousNext + retro furniture & classic motors.

I am consultant, public speaker and trainer specialising in enterprise Drupal, UX practices, the semantic web, and digital publishing projects ... See full bio

Canberra in Australia

Spoken at 5 events in 4 countries

Christopher Skene recently attended

  1. Drupal South 2014

    New Zealand New Zealand, Wellington

    14th16th February 2014

    Christopher Skene spoke

  2. DrupalCon Prague 2013

    Czech Republic Czech Republic, Prague

    23rd27th September 2013

    Christopher Skene spoke

  3. DrupalGov Canberra 2013

    Australia Australia, Canberra

    23rd August 2013

    Christopher Skene was involved spoke

  4. DrupalCon Portland 2013

    United States United States, Portland

    20th24th May 2013

    Christopher Skene spoke

  5. DrupalCon Sydney 2013

    Australia Australia, Sydney

    6th9th February 2013

    Christopher Skene spoke

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