Eric Eggert

was called “the technical muscle” of W3C/WAI resources. @Knowbility & @w3c_wai. Views are my own. http://yatil.net http://outlinewebdesign.com

Essen in Germany

Spoken at 47 events in 5 countries

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Dennis Deacon

Experienced digital professional, front-end web dev, digital accessibility specialist & user experience fan boy. Also curate http://twitter.com/a11ychi bio from Twitter

Robert Jolly

Dad. Husband. Project Manager. Reformed runner. Likes to bike and surf. bio from Twitter

Susan Hewitt

accessibility advocate, webmonkey, feminist

Vincent François

Expert en accessibilité du Web. Web accessibility expert working with @LevelAccessSSB. Pour les aspects personnels ou politiques : @VinFrancois bio from Twitter

Jason Snell

Editorial Director of @Macworld, host of @theincomparable podcast, writer, primate, parent bio from Twitter

Kevin Rydberg

Web strategist, designer, website manager, BBQ nut: still refuses to color within the lines. Opinions expressed are always my own, never my employer's. bio from Twitter

Alistair Duggin

Head of Accessibility @gdsteam. Front-end developer. Accessibility and usability advocate. Long distance triathlete. @a11yLondon organiser bio from Twitter


Live life King size!! bio from Twitter

Glenda Sims

the Goodwitch (and yet, still a witch) bio from Twitter

Lainey Feingold

Disability rights lawyer specializing in digital, tech, + info accessibility; uses Structured Negotiations for win-win solutions: http://lflegal.com

Sebastian Golasch

Nerdy talking, JavaScript coding, arduino wiring Interwebs Dude

Melanie Richards

Designer, writer, vegetarian, over-thinker. Proud member of @fuzzco. Also @readsedimentary, @baladycreatives. bio from Twitter

Myke Hurley

Co-founder of @_relayfm. I'm that British guy you hear on podcasts. bio from Twitter

David Sparks

blogger, podcaster, author, attorney. bio from Twitter

Amelia Bellamy-Royds

Writer & Developer. SVG guru, policy nut, science nerd, & music fan. Trying to live up to title of Invited Expert on SVG+ARIA. AmeliaBR on CodePen/GitHub/etc. bio from Twitter

Patrick Fox

Web UI technology director @Razorfish, crafting custom, accessible and elegant web apps and solutions.

Wendy Chisholm

Stairs make the building inaccessible, not the wheelchair. Co-author of Universal Design for Web Applications. Strategist for Microsoft. bio from Twitter

Jon Gibbins

Web developer, accessibility tester, trainer and mobile specialist at http://diginclusion.com . @a11y curator. Closet musician.

Mike Paciello

Founder, The Paciello Group (TPG) bio from Twitter