Youssef Chaker

WAHOO class of '08, LAK '04

An Entrepreneur, not because it's a fad but because I can not be any other way. Founder of two startups ... See full bio

Austin in United States

Spoken at 1 event in 1 country

Youssef Chaker recently attended

  1. Agile Tour Beirut 2013

    Lebanon Lebanon, Beirut

    16th November 2013

    Youssef Chaker spoke

  2. StarTechConf 2011

    Chile Chile, Santiago

    4th5th November 2011

    Youssef Chaker attended

  3. RubyConf 2010

    United States United States, New Orleans

    11th13th November 2010

    Youssef Chaker attended

  4. RubyDCamp 2010

    United States United States, Prince William

    17th19th September 2010

    Youssef Chaker attended

  5. beCamp 2010

    United States United States, Charlottesville

    30th April to 1st May 2010

    Youssef Chaker attended

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