Mike Bradshaw

a European who is living in Finland & occasionally attempting to make technology "do stuff"(TM).

Mike Bradshaw does the actual day-to-day running of AppCademy. He is known for; being the dis-organiser of BarCamp Helsinki and ... See full bio

Espoo in Finland

Spoken at 6 events in 2 countries

Mike Bradshaw recently attended

  1. Arctic15

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    26th27th May 2015

    Mike Bradshaw spoke

  2. HelsinkiOS/CocoaHeads developer meetup, May 2014

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    13th May 2014

    Mike Bradshaw attended

  3. MDC2013

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    9th March 2013

    Mike Bradshaw was involved

  4. Slush

    Finland Finland, Helsinki

    21st22nd November 2012

    Mike Bradshaw attended

  5. BarCamp Tampere IV

    Finland Finland, Tampere

    20th October 2012

    Mike Bradshaw attended

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