Alberto Brandolini

I like to solve problems, or to write software that does.

Faenza in Italy

Spoken at 60 events in 10 countries

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An atypical conference for open-source .NET developers. July 10-12, 2016 bio from Twitter

Steve Streeting

Software developer & accidental entrepreneur, creator of SourceTree (now @Atlassian), #Ogre3D and a few things you never heard of. Occasional drummer. bio from Twitter

Lady Retweetsalot

apprentice @codurance | feminist | bi | poly | always changing | busy bee | ❤ singing, TVshows, sharing & caring. Pronouns: sie/she/they ||| DE? ➡ @singsalad_de bio from Twitter

Jurgen De Smet

Eager to make organizations more effective, creative and innovative - Co-Learning.be - Serendipity-Club.eu - Working w/ startups & large enterprises. bio from Twitter

Trond Hjorteland-Rød

IT architect with a rather ghoulish sense of post-punk and geeky interest in science and skepticism. bio from Twitter

Paolo Montevecchi

father, ux designer, founder of @etnograph, clown doctor, geek, unicycle rider bio from Twitter

Raffaella Roviglioni

UX researcher & designer, fascinated by people and science, optimist by design, cos-player + maker. Change is always welcome here. Co-chair of EuroIA 2017 bio from Twitter


Simple, human collaboration

Alexandru Bolboaca

Tinkerer. Seeker of interesting questions and good answers. Also: Programmer, Code retreat facilitator, Trainer, Speaker. Agile and software craftsmanship. bio from Twitter


We are a smart, strategic, design firm based in Lugano, Milano and San Francisco. We help forward thinking companies shape the future experiences. bio from Twitter


Insatiable curious, Architect, Software Craftsman, passionate debater, λ‐calculist, devouring bookworm, @Linagora’s R&D/Consultant/agitator.

Perry Timms

HR / Learning / OD pro / Future of Work TEDx speaker / Hackathoner / CIPD Adviser Social & HR. Founder PTHR + iPractice. Soulboy + Northampton Town fan bio from Twitter

Matt Philip


Riccardo Mancinelli

Electronic Engineer, Software Craftsman I come from Ancona but I live in London bio from Twitter

Pavneet Singh Saund

Father of 3, husband to @frusaund, community lead at @NNUGVestfold & http://vestfolddevelopers.no. Blog at http://codingwithempathy.com. Work at @komplettdev. bio from Twitter

Daniel Bryant

Consultant at @OpenCredo, developer, generalising specialist, OSS advocate, runner, XC biker, teacher, student, @ljcjug associate, @adoptopenjdk & @adoptajsr bio from Twitter

Kevin Rutherford

Uncovering symmetries