Lanyrd Services

Lanyrd data isn't restricted to just our website. Here are some of the other ways you can take advantage of our data.

Badges for your website

A snippet of JavaScript to add the conferences you are tracking, attending or speaking at to your own site, using a snazzy top bar or a more in-depth chunk of content. Ideal for speakers to promote their past and upcoming talks.

Atom / RSS feeds

You can subscribe to Lanyrd conference listings by place, topic or a combination of the two. Read more about it on our blog. More feeds coming soon.

iCal feeds

We provide iCal feeds (compatible with Apple's iCal software, Microsoft Outlook, Sunbird and more) for topics, places and your own list of conferences you are attending or tracking. See our blog for details, or see our help section for instructions on setting up with your calendar

Lanyrd in your Gmail with Rapportive

Lanyrd integrates with Rapportive to bring your contacts' Lanyrd profiles right in to your Gmail inbox. Install our custom Raplet using http://lanyrd.com/services/raplet/ as the URL.