Lanyrd Badges

Lanyrd personal badges enable you to display information about the conferences you are speaking at, attending, involved with or tracking on your own website. Detailed badge documentation is also available.

There are two styles of badge, the top bar and the content splat. The top bar appears at the top of your page and promotes the next conference you are attending; the content splat can be used to display several conferences in a particular spot on your page.

There are two steps to add a badge to your site:

  1. Add this script tag to your document:

    <script src="http://cdn.lanyrd.net/badges/person-v1.min.js"></script>

  2. Add a configuration link to your page, linking to your Lanyrd profile and with classes that specify the kind of badge you would like and how you would like it to behave.

Top bar examples

A top bar showing the next conference you are speaking at:

<a href="http://lanyrd.com/profile/YOUR-USERNAME/" class="lanyrd-topbar lanyrd-type-speaking" rel="me">My conferences on Lanyrd</a>

A top bar showing the next conference you are attending, that doesn't display at all if you do not have any future events scheduled:

<a href="http://lanyrd.com/profile/YOUR-USERNAME/" class="lanyrd-topbar lanyrd-type-attending lanyrd-noblank" rel="me">My conferences on Lanyrd</a>

A top bar showing the next conference you are attending or tracking, which also removes the original configuration link from the page:

<a href="http://lanyrd.com/profile/YOUR-USERNAME/" class="lanyrd-topbar lanyrd-type-tracking lanyrd-nolink" rel="me">My conferences on Lanyrd</a>

top badge example

Content splat examples

A content splat showing the next three conferences you are attending:

<div class="lanyrd-target-splat"><a href="http://lanyrd.com/profile/YOUR-USERNAME/" class="lanyrd-splat lanyrd-number-3 lanyrd-context-future" rel="me">My conferences on Lanyrd</a></div>

A content splat showing the last ten conferences you spoke at, with session information:

<div class="lanyrd-target-splat"><a href="http://lanyrd.com/profile/YOUR-USERNAME/" class="lanyrd-splat lanyrd-number-10 lanyrd-type-speaking lanyrd-context-past lanyrd-template-detailed" rel="me">My conferences on Lanyrd</a></div>

Our full badge documentation describes the complete set of options for both types of badge in detail.

top badge example