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Ben Callahan


President of Sparkbox and founder of the Build Responsively workshop series, Ben shares his ideas about the web on the Sparkbox Foundry and other industry publications. His leadership at Sparkbox has driven the team to be a pioneer in responsive web design techniques, and he continues to push for great user experiences outside the context of specific devices.

Rob Harr

Technical Director

Technical Director for Sparkbox, Rob is responsible for operations and leading the development team. On any given day, Rob meets with prospective clients, writes code, or continues to lead the charge in improving development process. Sparkbox has become known as a leader in responsive web design and custom software solutions.

Jeremy Loyd

Creative Director

Creative Director for Sparkbox, Jeremy is passionate about the big picture and the beautiful details. Fueled by a love of typography, simplicity, and striking design, Jeremy provides a discerning eye on projects, pushing for solutions that are both appropriate and impressive. When not behind the wheel of his Mac, you'll find him with a sketchpad or basketball in hand.

Drew Clemens

Director of User Experience

As Director of User Experience for Sparkbox, Drew is a steadfast voice for creating usable and useful work. With background in design, content strategy, and project management, Drew capitalizes on a love for people and content to drive projects toward clear communication. He has made a living on empathy, charm, and an uncanny ability for telling bad jokes.

Jän Paul Ostendorf

Brand Analyst

With over twenty years of experience in creative work, Jän approaches branding with a diverse knowledge at his disposal. He enjoys the collaborative process of working with clients to understand their goals and develop visual and verbal messages that really work.

Rob Tarr

Software Engineer

Rob is a software engineer at Sparkbox in Dayton, Ohio. He spends his days writing JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and building tools that help make the Internet a better place for everyone. When not at work, Rob can usually be found building LEGOs with his kids, hanging out with his wife, hacking on his Arduino, or experimenting with what can be done with JavaScript.

Ethan Muller

Web Developer

Ethan came to Sparkbox as an intern fresh out of school and immediately began to pick up on things like a pro. Now a part of the team, Ethan is a web developer with a designer's eye. He brings meticulous detail and finesse to every project he tackles.

Adam Simpson

Web Developer

Originally graduating with an English Literature degree, Adam taught himself front-end development as he traveled across Europe and Asia both as a student and English teacher. His love of language has kept him writing, but his love of the web changed his professional course. As part of the Sparkbox team, Adam is a constant evangelist for efficiency and creativity in workflow and development.

Patrick Simpson


Patrick joined the Sparkbox team after serving six years with the National Guard, earning a B.S. in Computer Science from Franklin University, and accumulating over five years of development experience. He has a passion for Object Oriented Programming, and cares about usability, accessibility, web standards, and clean JavaScript. A programmer at heart, he's had training in many other languages, including Java and PHP, and enjoys a little database design on the side too.

Michael Yockey

Software Engineer

Jody Thornburg

Communications Specialist