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PHP speakers

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Derick Rethans @derickr

PHP internals person, author of Xdebug; OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. Works as PHP Engineer/Evangelist on MongoDB.

England London, England

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Spoken at 86 events in 17 countries

Fabien Potencier @fabpot

co-founder and CEO for @SensioLabs, founder and project lead for @Symfony bio from Twitter

England Paris, France

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Spoken at 47 events in 15 countries

David Zuelke @dzuelke

Chief @Agavi fanboy; opinionated lover of rockets, sharks & laser beams; RC helicopter pilot; world traveler; software engineer; firm believer in logic & reason bio from Twitter

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Spoken at 33 events in 10 countries

Stefan Priebsch @spriebsch

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of the PHP Consulting Company (thePHP.cc). Likes to share his tremendous practical experience. bio from Twitter

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Spoken at 37 events in 8 countries

1 slide deck and 1 audio clip

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Arne Blankerts @arneblankerts

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Spoken at 45 events in 6 countries

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Davey Shafik @dshafik

Professional PHP Developer, Author and Speaker. Community Engineer for Engine Yard

England Tampa, United States

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Spoken at 37 events in 13 countries

Juozas Kaziukėnas @juokaz

Friends call me Joe. Tech+startups. bio from Twitter

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Spoken at 41 events in 13 countries

Stefan Koopmanschap @skoop

open source, php, geek, music, symfony, dad, conference speaker, vegetarian, fc utrecht, entrepreneur, freelancer, apple, microsoft, linux bio from Twitter

Speaks about

Spoken at 29 events in 9 countries