Past Education conferences

November 2016

  1. 24

    5th International Congress on Education and Learning

    Spain Spain, Madrid

    24th25th November 2016

  2. 22

    Essential Consultancy Skills - 3 Days Course

    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    22nd24th November 2016

  3. 14

    6th Workshop on Python for High Performance and Scientific Computing (PyHPC2016)

    United States United States, Salt Lake City

    14th November 2016, 9am

  4. 10

    5th Argentine Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Telecommunications, Informatics and Scientific Information: HCITISI 2016

    Argentina Argentina, Cordoba

    10th11th November 2016

  5. 7

    7th International Conference on Advances in New Technologies, Interactive Interfaces and Communicability ( ADNTIIC 2016 )

    Argentina Argentina, Cordoba

    7th9th November 2016

  6. 7

    Tech Elevator Coding Bootcamp Open House

    United States United States, Cleveland

    7th November 2016

  7. 5

    Belfast Design Week 2016

    Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Belfast

    5th11th November 2016

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