Higher Education conferences

May 2017

  1. 1

    Impacting Fundamental Campus Safety Issues

    Online conference

    1st May 2017, 1pm

  2. 2

    Fundraising Essentials: Making the Ask

    Online conference

    2nd May 2017, 1pm

  3. 9

    Writing Workshop for Advancement Professionals

    Online conference

    9th May 2017, 1pm

  4. 11

    Rethinking Faculty and Staff Giving

    Online conference

    11th May 2017, 1pm

  5. 15

    Comprehensive Retention Planning for STEM Programs

    United States United States, New Orleans

    15th17th May 2017

  6. 15

    IUNC Eurasia 2017 - The 6th Annual International Universities Networking Conference + Edu Agency Workshop

    Russia Russia, Moskva

    15th18th May 2017

  7. 15

    Developing and Managing Competency-Based Education

    United States United States, San Antonio

    15th16th May 2017

  8. 16

    Incentivizing Faculty and Staff Retirement

    Online conference

    16th May 2017, 1pm

  9. 16

    Improving Donor Relations in a Decentralized Environment

    United States United States, Atlanta

    16th17th May 2017

  10. 17

    Improving Online Student Retention and Success

    United States United States, Orlando

    17th19th May 2017

  11. 17

    Refining Your Impact Reporting Process

    Online conference

    17th May 2017, 1pm

  12. 18

    Make a Difference Today! Discover a career that helps you do that...

    Online conference

    18th May 2017

  13. 19

    Building a More Strategic Budget for Your Academic Department

    Online conference

    19th May 2017, 1pm

  14. 22

    The $10,000-a-Year Bachelor’s Degree That Works

    Online conference

    22nd May 2017, 1pm

  15. 23

    Collecting User Data to Improve Your Learning Commons

    Online conference

    23rd May 2017, 1pm

  16. 24

    Connecting with Advisees from Diverse Cultural Backgrounds

    Online conference

    24th May 2017, 1pm

  17. 25

    Influencing Without Authority

    Online conference

    25th May 2017, 1pm

  18. 30

    First Steps in Residential Goal Alignment

    Online conference

    30th May 2017, 2pm

  19. 30

    Creating a Culture of Collaborative and Data-Informed SEM on Campus

    Online conference

    30th May 2017, 1pm

  20. 31

    Strategies for Scaling Active Learning Classrooms Across Campus

    Online conference

    31st May 2017, 1pm

  21. 31

    Emerging Learning Design Conference 2017

    United States United States, Montclair

    31st May to 2nd June 2017

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