Past Higher Education conferences

September 2014

  1. 30

    Student Affairs Scorecard: How Effectively Do You Use Data?

    Online conference

    30th September 2014, 1pm

  2. 29

    Teaching with Twitter

    Online conference

    29th September 2014, 1pm

  3. 29

    Creating High Performing Task Forces and Committees in Higher Education

    United States United States, Minneapolis

    29th30th September 2014

  4. 29

    Offering Credit for Prior Learning Assessment

    Online conference

    29th September 2014, 1pm

  5. 26

    Training Faculty: Helping International Students Properly Cite Sources

    Online conference

    26th September 2014, 1pm

  6. 25

    Campus Safety's Role in Title IX Investigations

    Online conference

    25th September 2014, 1pm

  7. 25

    Capital Campaigns: Integrating Student Involvement

    Online conference

    25th September 2014, 1pm

  8. 24

    Solving Retention Challenges with a Team Approach: A Case Study

    Online conference

    24th September 2014, 1pm

  9. 24

    Institutional Collaboration: Shared Enrollment

    Online conference

    24th September to 1st October 2014

  10. 23

    Transitioning Students to Alumni

    Online conference

    23rd30th September 2014

  11. 22

    8 Steps for Growing and Sustaining Your Online Programs

    Online conference

    22nd September 2014, 1pm

  12. 22

    Designing Engaging Recreation Facilities

    United States United States, Minneapolis

    22nd24th September 2014

  13. 22

    Fundraising Essentials: Donor Relations for Frontline Fundraisers

    Online conference

    22nd September 2014, 1pm

  14. 17

    Improve Completion through Redesigning Developmental Courses

    Online conference

    17th September 2014, 1pm

  15. 17

    Social Media Strategy for Higher Education: Beyond the Basics

    United States United States, Chicago

    17th19th September 2014

  16. 16

    Managing Your Enrollment Funnel to Optimize Student Recruitment

    Online conference

    16th September 2014, 1pm

  17. 15

    Academic Coaching: Models for Student Success and Retention

    Online conference

    15th September 2014, 1pm

  18. 11

    Cultivating a Team of Student Development Officers

    Online conference

    11th September 2014, 1pm

  19. 9

    Building a Comprehensive Sophomore-Year-Experience Program

    Online conference

    9th September 2014

August 2014

  1. 26

    Accurately Reporting for the CASE Campaign and VSE Surveys

    Online conference

    26th August 2014, 1pm

  2. 19

    HEI Executive: Advancement -- Driving Decisions for Advancement Leaders

    Online conference

    19th August 2014, 1pm

  3. 14

    US-India Skill Development and Job Creation Partnership: Role of Community Colleges

    United States United States, Washington

    14th August 2014

  4. 14

    A Holistic Approach to Corporate Engagement

    United States United States, St. Louis

    14th15th August 2014

  5. 14

    Measuring Academic Program Cost and Demand

    Online conference

    14th August 2014, 1pm

  6. 13

    Effectively Implementing Your Social Media Policy

    Online conference

    13th August 2014, 1pm

  7. 12

    Improve Adult Student Success with Superior Customer Service

    Online conference

    12th August 2014, 1pm

  8. 12

    Using a Net Promoter® Score in Alumni Relations

    Online conference

    12th August 2014, 2pm

  9. 7

    Incentivizing Faculty Retirement and Transition

    Online conference

    7th August 2014, 1pm

  10. 7

    Leadership Giving: Key Components of a Successful Program

    United States United States, San Diego

    7th8th August 2014

  11. 6

    Launching a Successful Day of Giving

    Online conference

    6th August 2014, 1pm

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