Past Higher Education conferences

March 2015

  1. 31

    Marketing Your Planned Giving Program

    Online conference

    31st March 2015, 1pm

  2. 30

    Prioritizing Academic and Administrative Programs

    United States United States, Phoenix

    30th31st March 2015

  3. 30

    Auditing Your Annual Giving Operations

    Online conference

    30th March 2015, 1pm

  4. 30

    Building Effective Fundraising Partnerships between Deans and Development Officers

    United States United States, New Orleans

    30th31st March 2015

  5. 26

    Developing an Alumni Mentoring Program

    Online conference

    26th March 2015, 1pm

  6. 25

    Immigration Law 101: 3 Key Issues for Compliance

    Online conference

    25th March 2015, 1pm

  7. 25

    Building an Engaging Online and Blended Faculty Development Plan

    United States United States, New Orleans

    25th27th March 2015

  8. 24

    Moving to a Strategic Sourcing Model

    Online conference

    24th27th March 2015

  9. 23

    Trends in Higher Education Performance-Based Funding

    Online conference

    23rd March 2015, 1pm

  10. 23

    Corporate Partnerships for Academic Leaders

    United States United States, Orange

    23rd24th March 2015

  11. 19

    Leveraging Institutional Aid to Maximize Net Tuition Revenue

    Online conference

    19th March 2015, 1pm

  12. 18

    Fundraising Essentials: Making the Cold Call

    Online conference

    18th March 2015, 1pm

  13. 17

    Association of Business Schools Annual Research Conference

    Online conference

    England England, Cambridge

    17th18th March 2015

  14. 17

    Mobile Apps for Frontline Fundraisers

    Online conference

    17th March 2015, 1pm

  15. 16

    Preventing Faculty Discrimination with Case Law and Statistics

    Online conference

    16th March 2015, 1pm

  16. 13

    Departmental Budget Training for Faculty

    Online conference

    13th March 2015, 1pm

  17. 13

    Fundraising for Boards: Institute

    United States United States, San Francisco

    13th March 2015

  18. 12

    Cross-Training Admissions and Financial Aid Staff

    Online conference

    12th March 2015, 1pm

  19. 11


    United States United States, Bellevue

    11th12th March 2015

  20. 11

    Data-Gathering for a Stronger Institutional Value Proposition

    Online conference

    11th March 2015, 1pm

  21. 9

    Academic Library Planning and Revitalization Institute

    United States United States, Philadelphia

    9th11th March 2015

  22. 9

    Applying Competency-Based Education to Liberal Arts Institutions

    United States United States, Salt Lake City

    9th10th March 2015

  23. 9

    Advanced Leadership Development in Higher Education

    United States United States, Atlanta

    9th11th March 2015

  24. 5

    Intrusive Advising to Improve Student Success

    Online conference

    5th March 2015, 1pm

  25. 5

    EDC 2015- 10th Annual Education and Development Conference

    Thailand Thailand, Bangkok

    5th7th March 2015

  26. 4

    Global Considerations for a Modern Campaign

    Online conference

    4th March 2015, 1pm

  27. 4

    Social Media Strategy: Advanced Brand and Digital Application

    United States United States, Orange

    4th March 2015

  28. 3

    Building Better Reunions

    Online conference

    3rd March 2015

  29. 2

    Social Media Strategy: Beyond the Basics

    United States United States, Orange

    2nd3rd March 2015

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