Past Higher Education conferences

August 2017

  1. 30

    Improving Career Services with Data

    Online conference

    30th August 2017, 1pm

  2. 24

    Graduate Student Services: Better Coordinating Support Across Campus

    Online conference

    24th August 2017, 1pm

  3. 17

    Strategies to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Volunteer Program

    Online conference

    17th August 2017, 1pm

  4. 15

    Managing Your Portfolio for Greater Fundraising Success

    Online conference

    15th August 2017, 1pm

  5. 14

    Diversity and Inclusion Engagement Strategies for Alumni and Donors

    Online conference

    14th August 2017, 1pm

  6. 10

    Enhance Professional Development Offerings to Improve Gift Officer Retention

    Online conference

    10th August 2017, 1pm

  7. 7

    Leadership Annual Giving: Key Components of a Successful Program

    United States United States, Phoenix

    7th8th August 2017

  8. 2

    Aligning Student Affairs Operations with Your Institutional Strategic Plan

    Online conference

    2nd August 2017, 1pm

  9. 1

    Advocacy Sanctioning: Developing Tailored Student Conduct Plans

    Online conference

    1st August 2017, 1pm

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