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  • Prove It before You Promote It
  • The Fallible Gut
  • The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing
  • The Icarus Deception
  • The Science of Marketing
  • Brand EsSense: Using Sense, Symbol and Story to Design Brand Identity
  • Multichannel Marketing Ecosystems: Creating Connected Customer Experiences
  • Mobile Marketing: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Marketing, Communications and Advertising
  • The 20 Ps of Marketing: A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy
  • Neuromarketing in Action: How to Talk and Sell to the Brain
  • Market Research in Practice: How to Get Greater Insight From Your Market
  • Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals
  • Brand Zeitgeist: Embedding Brand Relationships Into the Collective Consciousness
  • Star Brands: A Brand Manager's Guide to Build, Manage & Market Brands

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